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Welcome to Cuba

Venture into the Timewarp

Cuba is a land that seems to be stuck in time as a result of its isolated political system and geography. When embarking on a fly fishing trip to Cuba, we believe that travelers should experience and savor the country’s incredible history and the culture that it emanates. This is just another reason (in addition to the spectacular fishing) that we believe you should travel here. So often, anglers coming here jump off of a plane and are whisked away to the fishing destination missing a big part of what makes this country so special. Our exclusive Welcome Party and extra day in the town of Camagüey ensures you have this opportunity and serves as the perfect kick off to your trip!

Arrive in Style

Trips to Cayo Cruz start with a flight to the international airport in  Camagüey. Upon arrival you will be greeted by Mr. Cuba himself, Boris and his entourage of drivers in the famed Classic Cars you see throughout the country of Cuba. On the short drive to the hotel, you will get your first taste of this amazing country and its people. Along the way you will see many interesting sites and views of the local culture and countryside surrounding the town.

Premium Accomodations

As your driver enters the cobblestone streets of the UNESCO-listed historic center of Camagüey, you will be captivated by the colonial charm that permeates the city. Your home for the evening, a local boutique hotel with an inviting façade will envelope you in an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility. The comfortable accommodations will set the stage for an unforgettable stay in this enchanting city.


In the early evening your driver will pick you up to transport you to a Private Party Boris has arranged for our group. The evening’s festivities are the perfect kick off to a week of flats fishing offering you a true taste of authentic Cuban culture. The Welcome Party includes a pig roast, Cuban band, dancers, a cigar roller, a short presentation about the cigars of Cuba, and a tasting with Cuban Rum, Coffee & American Bourbon paired with cigars.

As the night sky blankets Camagüey, our exclusive welcome party draws to a close, leaving lingering memories of a truly authentic Cuban experience. Guests depart with hearts full of laughter, bellies satisfied with the flavors of Cuba, and spirits uplifted by the rhythms of Afro-Cuban beats. The short journey back to the hotel through the streets of Camagüey will leave you with contentment and excitement awaiting the coming morning when we venture to the fishing grounds where the serious fun continues! Until we meet again under the stars of Camaguey, ¡Hasta pronto!