Travel Details

How to Travel To Cuba

Getting to Cayo Cruz, Cuba is fairly straightforward starting with your flight to the primary destination of Camagüey Cuba (CMW). There are daily flights on American Airlines from Miami International Airport (MIA) to CMW typically departing in the middle of the day.

From Camagüey, there is a mere 2-hour drive to reach Cayo Cruz. We take care of all of the travel once you arrive in Cuba, so there is nothing for you to worry about beyond getting to Camagüey.

If necessary, there are alternatives to getting there outside of Camagüey but they involve additional flights and transfers. 

Travel Requirements

Documents REquired For Entry

Following are the documents you need and documents that need to be filled out prior to entering the country. (click on each section for details). 

Beyond this, Cuba Fly Fishing Co. will prepare all the of the necessary documents for travel to and from Cuba. You will have a very short list of tasks that take only minutes to complete. Our staff will handle all of the more timely tasks for your trip.

A valid passport is required for all travelers visiting Cuba and it must be valid 6 months beyond your stay. Check your passport well in advance to ensure you don’t have to scramble to get it renewed last minute. 

Obtaining a Cuban visa card is a necessary, but very simple step in order to enter the country. This can be purchased ahead of time at the following link: Cuban Travel Visa Card. You can also purchase this card at the gate before boarding your final flight to Cuba.

The Cuban visa card grants travelers permission to enter and stay in Cuba for a specified period, usually up to 30 days, and is essential for passing through immigration checkpoints upon arrival. While the process of obtaining a Cuban visa card is relatively straightforward, it’s essential for travel.

You will need to fill out this waiver for Avalon Outdoor prior to departure. 

This form is required by the Cuban Government prior to entry. You can fill out the form here: online D’Viajeros portal

This portal cannot be accessed earlier than 48 hours prior to your arrival in Cuba. DO NOT TRY TO FILL IT OUT BEFORE AS IT WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO ENTER THE ARRIVAL DATE.

To translate the form into English, use the white button with the letter A on it located at the TOP of the page.

Remember that boxes with gray borders are not mandatory, just fill in the boxes with red borders. “Institution”, “municipality” are not mandatory, you can just leave them unfilled.

PAGE 2: Can only be completed within 2 days of travel

– ”Organism”: no need to fill out

– Reason for travel: Tourism


– Isolate province and location:

Cayo Romano: Camagüey.

– Accommodation = Select “house rent”

– Direction*: (they mean the address) Use the following addresses of our destinations:

Cayo Romano: Cayo Romano, Archipiélago Jardines del Rey, Camagüey, Cuba.


– Select: Nothing to declare

You will receive a QR code. Screen shot the confirmation with the QR code on your phone and print the confirmation document. This is mainly what you need when checking for your flight in the US ti Cuba and also once you arrive in Cuba.